Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Our worlds often consist of busy days, crazy politics, world chaos, unexpected bumps in the road Murphy’s Law, noise, etc. Sometimes, pausing for some time with an old favorite meal seems to make it all better, at least for a short while. Maybe that food takes us back to warm moments of childhood, or early days of romance, an aunt or grandparent, even the school cafeteria (remember pizza cut into rectangles, or “hot roll day”)?  Grandma’s fried chicken or that favorite cup of coffee in your favorite café seems to bring a peace to one’s soul more quickly than many modern comforts. It’s often those things we took or take for granted that revive us now.

There could be something else that’s your comfort item. Music is that for many people. Songs from youth, or from that tattered church hymnal, that first concert experience, be it attending or even performing flip a switch in our mind and for a moment we escape the “now”. The first notes take us back in time and spark emotions as if we were actually in the past. It can give one a brief break from a hectic work day, clearing the mind for a moment and refreshing the spirit.

We are fortunate to be comfortable most of the time in our day to day lives living in the USA. Most of us have the tools that if our level of comfort in our environment differs from those around us, a simple addition or subtraction of an article of clothing or a blanket will comfort us.  When our climate control system goes awry, we really want it dealt with quickly.

Reliable Plant Maintenance understands your needs, and will always strive to get you back to your comfortable setting as soon as possible. Discomfort is the last thing one wants added to the memory bank. RPM will be there to help with repairing and maintaining your surrounding climate, so the good times can just roll on!

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