Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Our worlds often consist of busy days, crazy politics, world chaos, unexpected bumps in the road Murphy’s Law, noise, etc. Sometimes, pausing for some time with an old favorite meal seems to make it all better, at least for a short while. Maybe that food takes us back to warm moments of childhood, or early days of romance, an aunt or grandparent, even the school cafeteria (remember pizza cut into rectangles, or “hot roll day”)?  Grandma’s fried chicken or that favorite cup of coffee in your favorite café seems to bring a peace to one’s soul more quickly than many modern comforts. It’s often those things we took or take for granted that revive us now.

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Discovering Allergens in the Workplace

According to the ABC News Medical Unit, many allergens and irritants may be found in the workplace. While we have some direct control of the allergens in our homes, we may have less control in our daily work environment. At home you may control what or who comes in, as well as how often ventilation systems are cleaned, filters replaced, etc. Certain professions and the variety / numbers of people in the workplace are often a factor for not so obvious allergens. Being conscious of the following allergens may lower the risk for discomfort and lead to a happier workplace.

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